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The Artist Formerly Known As Tamara "AFKAT" is born!

In January 2020, I decided to pick up a paint brush again. It had been 23+ years since I last painted and I couldn't tell you why I stopped. In four weeks, I pulled together 38 pieces in time for my very first Art Exhibit that was held at USAGI NY, a gallery in DUMBO. I'm a corporate employee gone rogue and now an Artist.

Welcome to the Exhibit titled "the coping mechanism".

I have been reflecting on how crazy the world seems to be (politics, pandemics, natural disasters etc), against a backdrop of our own personal day to day challenges. It is overwhelming.

My pieces are here to inspire ways to get by, hence the title “coping mechanism”.

All the pieces are grouped into a series and each series talks to the exhibit theme. This is series one. Enjoy!

Part 1 - An introduction and a sigh of relief

1. Wet your whistle - That feeling when you take your first sip after a long day and more depressing world news.

2. Global - We’re all feeling the effects – it’s global.

3. Pièce de résistance - Brooklyn Bridge - I love love love the Brooklyn Bridge and I am lucky to live so close to this highly inspirational piece of architecture. I cross the bridge daily to go to work. How could I not draw it. The Brooklyn Bridge is a hybrid cable-stayed/suspension bridge in New York City, spanning the East River between the boroughs of Manhattan and Brooklyn. Opened on May 24, 1883, the Brooklyn Bridge was the first fixed crossing across the East River. It was also the longest suspension bridge in the world at the time, with a main span of 1,595.5 feet and a deck height of 127 ft above mean high water. The span was originally called the New York and Brooklyn Bridge or the East River Bridge but was officially renamed the Brooklyn Bridge in 1915.

4. Drip.. drip.. - When it feels like it’s all melting – maybe it’s time to try and see things from a different perspective.

5. Square the circle - To square the circle – metaphor for doing the impossible.

When it’s all overwhelming, we have to dig deep and challenge ourselves to do what might seem like the impossible.

Join me in my next post as I take you through the rest of the "coping mechanism".

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