Just like a corporation needs strong leadership to thrive, I draw on the rich skills of people in my life that have my best interests at heart.


The foundation being THEY HAVE WALKED THE WALK AND I TRUST them to provide selfless guidance.







I am  a corporate finance executive with over ten years of experience advising clients in order to help them meet their strategic objectives. I bring a professional and pragmatic approach to all situations.

I have admired Tamara since our first meeting in 2010 and am a strong advocate because since knowing her, I have become a better person in all facets of life, including my own personal and professional growth. I am on her Board to ensure her well-being and continuation of Tamara’s success in life. I wish to invest all I can in repaying her by providing the same level of support she provided me, and if possible, exceed it. I want to have no doubt how much I wish for her to feel like she’s always winning


Risk committee – (Chair)

I will use my experience to ensure Tamara remains protected by ensuring she’s mitigated from all risks that she may face in the world.


Corporate Development (Strategy) Committee - (Executive Member) 

Tanaka will head up the team that works alongside her as she continues to assess ideas on how to continue to maintain her strong presence in the world. In this role, I plan to solidify a strategic partnership with Tamara and stay nimble in the role she requires him to play in each unique situation she may face.


Finance committee – (Member)

Tanaka will help ensure Tamara’s fiscal position stays aligned with the broader strategy, while also enhancing the financial security of the strategic partnership.

I'm a Regional Director for a global software company. My job is to make strategic and tactical decisions that increase the footprint of the software platform across Australia and New Zealand. Although I'm a chartered accountant by profession, I've found my passion in solving corporate governance challenges with technology. 

Tamara and I are aligned in that we love to tackle challenges. Whether it is confronting the proverbial bully in the playground or spending sleepless nights solving that business problem that everyone else seems to want to pretend doesn't exist. 

Mental Strength Committee - Chair

“The strength of your mind determines the quality of your life.”  Edmond Mbiaka

Pleasure and Social Committee - Member

An experienced CFO and Company Secretary of a market leading and fast growing specialist retailer, B2B distributor and hire company. With over 20 years’ experience specializing in strategic planning, business performance analysis, governance and compliance, I am able to leverage my skill set, gained through these experiences, to effectively partner the CEO, executive team and Board of Directors, in providing financial and operational stewardship. 


In life you tend to surround yourself with people who share a similar perspective , passionate in every endeavor and a self-belief that all things are possible with hard work and perseverance. Tamara, is a kindred soul, pure in heart, brimming with life and racking up achievements in her wake. Her love for life itself is infectious and that is why she is a forever friend. Success beckons and we can only hope that we are there to share in her future accomplishments and that a little bit of it rubs off in the process.


Executive Director – Finance, Treasury and Corporate Governance

Chair – Pleasure and Social Committee

Member – Social Responsibility and Sustainability Committee